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Welcome to Tartan Web Consulting

Tartan Web Consulting provides the opportunity of a low cost online existence or answers for those creating or managing webs. We design and manage a wide variety of website types and styles for individuals, groups and our corporate clients. Tartan Webs can find solutions in all areas from design, hosting to site search engine optimization.

We customize sites to our clients needs anywhere from static websites to giving our business customers an online commercial presence. Currently we are not actively looking for new clients as we are busy setting up opportunities and training web developers in making passive income online through various techniques. We are moving from working with the web to have the web work for us, Internet Marketing is a expanding field. Utilizing many techniques the web can be very profitable and the skill level needed is surprisingly low. If you have original thoughts and can write about interesting topics you can with some help make a nice secondary income.

If you have an online presence whether it be an actual informational website, commercial website or social interaction blog it can be monitized. (yes this is an actual Google developed word, try using it in Scrabble) Being able to make money online is a growth industry and it doesn't require anything more than an idea, internet connection and your time. You don't need a bunch of start up cash as many blog sites provide free internet space and training to get you started. When time permits this site will provide do's and don'ts on how to best create, host and optimize your chances in making money online with Internet Marketing and Affiliate Advertising.

For now if your interested in learning more about how to monitize you site, send an email to Garry with your thoughts. We are not publicizing this opportunity beyond our circle of clients at the moment so if you can add my last name in the subject line I will answer you as soon as I can. If your interested and found this site and would like to know more please still send  an email and when time permits I will get back to you. Check back often for more information as this making the web work for our clients is priority one...

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