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How to make money online - Getting Started
Getting a web presence online can be done in many ways. These can range from free blogs to low cost websites. The different choices have different advantages and disadvantages as will be discussed on this page. Our discussion will be a quick summary as to properly educate you it would be beyond our or your time. Rest assured that either method can make you income.

Blogs vs. Stand Alone Websites

Blogs: What are Blogs? How can I get a free Blog? What experience do I need to keep a blog?

What are Blogs?:

Blogs are simply  an online web log that provides the user with facts, fiction or entertainment. Readers shouldn't accept the blog as absolute truth or scientifically proven facts as these are nothing more than the writers thoughts. Good Bloggers (Blog Writers), however build a relationship with their readers that can be turned into log term profits. A good blog topic, your time and a little work you can become a successful blogger.

How do I get a Blog?

 This answer is the simplest yet, just webseach "Free Blog" and hundreds of results will show. Some services are more free than others, I don't have much time here to discuss the individual choices available but I will give a quick comment on what you should be looking for when your choosing. Let me first assure you that I'm not working for or receiving any money for the following advice but just giving my thoughts on at least a starting choice. My google search for free blog a web company called www.blogger.com returned as the top choice, coincidence or not considering www.blogger.com is affiliated with Google?  Coincidence or not I can assure you that this wouldn't be a bad place for a beginner to start. It is absolutely free, large company that should be stable for years to come (hate to get your blogs running and suddenly have the company go belly up taking your hard work with it) It as well has a complete education tutorial program to help you along. Best yet if you have a Google Username and Password your already a member. If your not a member you will need to sign up now or later with Google if you wish to earn income with their "Adsense" program. Once you have a web presence your next concern is what do put on the web that someone might want to know about. Advice on Topic choice coming later.

Choosing the Internet Website route.
If you already are familiar with websites including domain name registration, web hosting and such this option provides a little more freedom as your not dependent on a third party to provide your web presence. This option has slight costs involved for the purchase of your domain name, paying your web host fees, paying a company to design your site if you can't yourself, potentially paying for software to design a website (some excellent freeware exists should you wish to learn web design). I will further explain this option including exposing why you shouldn't sign up to host your website on a fee website host as in my opinion those free host banner ads turn me off.

What are the main differences between my hosting options.

Blog Hosted:

This Option has free or paid options, some free blog sites add their own ad banners to provide you your blog space, these should be avoided in my opinion as you can't control their content or placement, plus as your aware your hard work will be making them money. Leave these free blogs sites for posting your kids photo's or your vacation photos as they will frustrate you when designing an aesthetically pleasing blog your readers will enjoy, blinking ads scream porn site. The google hosted blog site not only doesn't have the offending ads, it provides users with many template designs and structures that even beginners will not have a problem understanding. Additionally they provide education on the process should you need. The blog can be one or one hundred linked pages that are generally chronologically organize with the last post appearing first (this might be a detraction if the site is large as the site content navigation maybe hard to follow) Lastly to make money from your blog, www.blogger.com have an integrated process to put their adsense ads where ever you desire. More on adsense later

Web hosted Sites.
Give you all the freedom in choice of available domain name (if available), give your unlimited design and site structure, give you complete control as to content navigation. The website model will allow many different sub sites or pages to be designed for different users. Lets use the Carpenter example: Should you have a website set to sell his birdhouse projects, additional pages could be developed to sell bird house plans, explaining bird house designs as they relate to birds, a page on tools needed and explanation how to build a bird house. All the other topics may not sell a bird house but the traffic through those pages may lead to money in your pocket. Detailed explanation later.

Moving on, by now your either interested in the concept or you have left for a simpler explanation? 
If your reading on it must mean you want to know how much money can be made and what do I have to do to get it.

There is a simple formula that will take more pages to explain.

Blog/ Website topic (keyword search engine optimized/ friendly) + adding the right income producing Ads/ Links + Internet Exposure (site traffic) = Passive income

This formula
(Web Presence + Ads + Site Traffic = Income), seems simple for some or complicated for others, just understand with a little time, patience and some work you could be earning a nice passive income. My definition of passive income would be any amount from nothing to thousands as it primarily depends on your traffic and what your readers do after coming to your site. The greatest advantage passive income is that it's earned 24/7 and doesn't stop when your on vacation, at the kids ball game or even at your paying job. Yes, keep your paying job as the income in the beginning wouldn't support your family. Remember while getting started treat this challenge as a paying hobby, if you need the cash get a job cutting grass or pumping gas.

Coming next I'll explained some required terms and techniques to earn that income your looking for. What is a Keyword, Search Engine Optimization "SEO", Linking, Search Engines, Site Traffic, Adsense/ Adwords, Affiliate Marketing and more. Terms and Techniques page here - Recently Added


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