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How to make money online - Background
Can anyone make money online and do you need any special computer skills? Why would anyone pay for what I do online? Why is Tartan Webs providing a free education on how to make money online? How do I get started?

For answers to these questions and more follow along. TartanWebs will work with you and explain how you can make a comfortable second income online. I've been approached by many people who don't have any other skills than to be able to surfing the web and can't believe that they could make money without a large investment of money. It's our intent to provide a easy to follow plan for these types of people to take them from watching the web, to earning income from the web.

Why would TartanWebs provide a free education on how to make money online?
The education through this website is completely free to you the reader. I would be less than honest however if I didn't disclose that we have opportunities to earn income from just you viewing our information. Occasionally, we will suggest a program or software that may cost you an investment if you so choose, TartanWebs will never sell you anything. TartanWebs will earn income from others as you learn the techniques to earn your own own money online.

Can anyone make money online and do you need special computer skills?
Yes anyone can make money, you don't need a large company with many employee's or a huge amount of start-up cash. Getting started just requires a computer, access to the internet, some time and yes an idea or two. TartanWebs will provide you the techniques in how to best turn your ideas into cash. You can easily make money without needing a computer degree as there is plenty of software to assist in generating professional looking web pages or free hosted web blogs.

Why would anyone pay me for what I put online? The answer has a number of parts, but I'll use an example to explain the number of reasons you can make a reasonable income online.

Online Marketing Example:
Imagine the retired carpenter who to supplement his pension builds high quality birdhouses. The carpenter can build 10 per week and soon has his local market is saturated and can only sell a few of his total capacity, so what does he do? Try to take his product to farther markets? Take out ads and publicize his product? Contract a webmaster to create an online web presence hoping to attract new customers world wide? All solutions will show different results. For now we will only discuss our win-win solution to the carpenters problem.

How can we profit while assisting this carpenter? Well if you had the technical skills you could build and deploy a website that would exhibit his craft, offer the product for sale, submit the request for the item and collect it's value. Don't worry if you can't provide this service as lots of companies and newer software allow anyone that wants a site to get a site and overall
we are not trying to compete in this website construction market. Lets imagine now that the carpenter has a great site but no one can find it on the search engines, so still he's not selling product.

The carpenter can retire again or spend money on ads to increase his visibility. Advertising on local media wouldn't make much sense as that market is already saturated, so where does he turn? Regional TV, Radio or Print would likely be fairly expensive and wouldn't target his market, so he once again goes with an "Internet option". He's heard of a company called "Google", who for a small fee through there "Adwords" program will place ads on websites. The Adwords program actually allows website targeting which will leed to more birdhouse purchasers finding his website. While it is beyond the scope of this page, Adwords and more importantly Adsense will be fully explained later. For now just know that Google and other online affiliate programs pay good money to online marketers who allow ad content on their web pages. Companies big and small are increasing their online marketing budgets as results are showing a much better return for their advertising dollar, imagine paying 2 million for a 30 second "Super Bowl" commercial or a web ad that displays 24-7 on sites that relate to your product? Which will return paying customers? Which can't be TiVo'ed or fast forwarded over? Yes, there will be a dramatic shift in advertising dollars whether your selling birdhouses or cars. This is where you can get paid for providing a service and all it takes is a little education, your time and some patience.

TartanWebs will explain and walk you through this process, but realize up front this process does take time so don't quit your day job. The best advice would be to think of this as a hobby, you need to learn the basics, set up a foundation that over the next 20 + years will return a passive income.
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